To unite descendants of Jamestown settlers prior to 1700, support archaeological excavations at Jamestown, provide educational programming and publications, conserve official documents from the colonial period, and promote the significance of Historic Jamestowne in the founding and shaping of our nation.

Our Vision

The Jamestowne Society seeks to inform our members and the public of the significance of the establishment of the First Permanent English Settlement in the New World on May 14, 1607.  This early settlement forged the beginnings of our country’s democracy.  The Jamestowne Society promotes the relevance of these early beginnings and connects them to the present day by:

  • Continuing to research Jamestown Settlers and record genealogical lines 
  • Fostering the research and historiography of the lives, contributions, events, and accomplishments of Jamestowne settlers.
  • Supporting education of the history of Jamestown and its people.
  • Supporting the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation in its archaeological research at Jamestown Island to more fully and accurately tell the story of the First Permanent English Settlement in the New World and how it contributed towards establishing our nation ​
  • Identifying and preserving colonial documents
  • Funding a graduate or doctoral level scholarship focusing on the history or culture of Virginia prior to 1700 
  • Publishing a magazine and using various media to inform and educate its members about Jamestowne and the Society.
  • Promoting an annual giving campaign to fund projects focusing on the historical, educational, and archaeological importance of Jamestown
  • Conducting meetings at the National and Company level to provide programs on the importance and relevance of Jamestown  ​